The Bendigo Uniting Churches' Social Justice Group


The Bendigo UC's Social Justice Group began as the Combined St Andrews/Forest St UC's Social Justice Group in November 2007. Subsequently, in October 2009, with an expanded membership from other Bendigo congregations it assumed its current name.
Currently its membership is drawn from the Central and ELM Clusters of the Bendigo Uniting Church.
The Group meets monthly on the last Wednesday at St Andrews, Myers St at 5pm. Others are welcome.
KEY AIM: To encourage interest in & response to social justice issues at local, State, National & International levels by members of the Bendigo UC's. To accomplish this the Group is informed by publications such as "Just Focus", a bi-monthly publication compiled by the Justice & International Mission (JIM) Unit, Synod of Victoria & Tasmania ( Refer to

Some of the issues the group are advocating for currently are:
1) Follow-up on Victorian Government’s proposal to monitor new entitlements for customers anticipating or facing gas & electricity payment difficulties as proposed in the Essential Services Commission Inquiry final Report
2) Continuing the quarterly rotation of the Asylum Seeker banners being publicly displayed by the four participating Bendigo Uniting Church faith communities
3) Expanding the circulation of the Quarterly Bendigo Uniting Churches Social Justice Group activities insert from one to all Bendigo Uniting Church Clusters
4) Follow-up from 2017 Social Justice Sunday Service addressed by Assoc Prof Phil Tune, Executive & Clinical Director, Bendigo Health Psychiatric Service which highlighted the lack of suitable accommodation & services for people with mental illness returning to the community after institutional care.
5) Transpacific Partnership: Investor-State Dispute Provision.
6) "Encouraging the City of Greater Bendigo to continue the development of its Social Housing Policy and Positive Ageing Strategy".
7) "Encouraging Bendigo UC's with under-utilised assets to review their current use for missional purposes"
8) "Seeking to have the high rate of incarceration of Indigenous People referred to CoAG for further action"
9) "Encouraging participation in the monthly rallies sponsored by Bendigo RAR supporting Asylum Seekers & Refugees"

Click here for Information about the Social Justice group and what happened with the group last year.

For more information on this group please email Garth: Social Justice

For wider information visit the Uniting Church web site Justice and International Mission

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